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The leader in In-situ and In-line monitoring of semiconductor processes for more than 20 years
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Yoram Naor

VP – Manager CI SEMI Division
Mr. Naor acts as the general manager of the SEMI division since 2006. Prior to this appointment Mr. Naor served in various roles in the company, from applications engineer and product line manager of spectroradiometric products, to R&D management of the Semi division. In between, Mr. Naor served as the manager of CI Systems INC, the USA subsidiary of CI Systems. Mr. Naor holds M.Sc. degree from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, in electrical engineering/electro-optic systems.

Ton Juta

Chemical Concentration Analyzers – Product Line Manager
Mr. Juta acts as the product line manager for Chemical Concentration Analyzers: WetSpec, WetRad and WetCon. Previously, he fulfilled roles in a subsidiary of C.I. Systems, Applied Spectral Imaging. Mr. Juta holds a M.Sc. degree in experimental physics and information technology from Utrecht University.

Bernie Liling

Sales Manager Phone:+972 586587888 Email: bernie.liling@ci-systems.com
Mr. Liling brings over ten years of experience as a Sales Manager in the semiconductor industry. Working closely with CI Semi's worldwide network of local representatives, Mr. Liling ensures that CI Semi customers get the best possible sales support and technical backup for CI Semi products and services.