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WetCon100: Advanced Concentration Monitor

Highly Accurate Wet process Concentration Monitoring

The WetCon100 is the optimal solution for in-line measurement of HF, HCI, Citric Acid and many other binary chemicals over a wide range of concentrations, from highly diluted to highly concentrated.

The WetCon100 uses an electrodeless electromagnetic induction sensor housed in a chemical resistant flow through cell, this eliminates any risk of metal contamination (as with traditional conductivity electrodes) and insures maintenance free work for many years.

A built-in temperature sensor provides automatic compensation for temperature changes, thus insuring a highly accurate and repeatable measurement over a wide range of process conditions.

The WetCon100 has been developed in order to provide the most cost effective solution for in-line monitoring of binary chemicals where high sensitivity is required. When integrated into a control system, the WetCon100 enables tighter process control and identifies process excursions before they affect yield. 

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Features & BenefitsTypical applicationsKey Specifications
  • Highly accurate and sensitive concentration measurement
  • Pre-calibrated (no field calibration required)
  • Full compatibility with aggressive chemicals
  • Electrodeless sensor – no risk of contamination
  • Temperature compensation
  • Flow-through cell or submersible sensor
  • Standard ¼” to ¾” Flaretek® / Nippon Pillar® fittings for easy installation (consult CI for other types of fittings)
  • DHF – Dilute Hydrofluoric acid
  • HCI – Hydrochloric acid
  • HNO3 - Nitric acid
  • H2SO4 - Sulfuric acid
  • NH3 – Ammonium hydroxide
  • TMAH – Tetramethylammonium hydroxide
  • Citric Acid
  • More….

Measurement method

Electromagnetic induction

Concentration Range

Application dependent (provided conductivity in the range 0-2000mS/cm)


±2% of Full Scale

Concentration step Response time

4 sec (to 90% of step)

Temperature compensation

Automatic and continuous

Wetted materials

Optimized per application: PVDF/PEEK/CPVC and Viton/Kalrez


2x 4-20 mA, 2x relay out, Modbus, and Modbus/TCP (optional)

Size [mm]

Sensor: 210X130 (Inc. fittings) Controller/Display: 94X94