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Accurate in-situ blackbody calibration source

The SR-72 is an accurate, high uniformity tool for in-chamber pyrometer calibration. 
Its design benefits from CI Systems’ 25 years of experience in blackbody design. 
The result is a highly accurate, stable, and reliable calibration source . 

The SR-72 can be pre-set to any given temperature set point through its front panel or through a RS232 serial port. Warm-up and cool-down time is exceptionally short, which minimizes tool downtime. The compact dimensions of the SR-72 allow it to fit into any available chamber, and it is lightweight enough to be easily carried along the production line.

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Features & BenefitsKey Specifications
  • In situ, non-contact pyrometer calibration for accurate and stable high temperatures.
  • Specifically designed for accurate calibration of semiconductor pyrometers.
  • Rapid warm-up and cool-down time for increased throughput and minimized tool downtime.
  • Easy set point input via front panel or RS232 serial port.
  • Small size allows unit to fit inside all available chambers.
  • Lightweight for easy transport on the production line.o

Temperature range: 

From 250 o C to 600 o C 


When set to 400 o C or 600 o C - ± 0.5 o C 
At any other set point - ± 1 o C

Temperature Stability

Short term (10 minutes): ±0.25 o C. 
Long term (24 hours): ±0.4 o C. (with ambient change of less than ±5 o C; line voltage change smaller than ±10%).

Warm–up Time

R.T. to 400 o C – 30minutes 
R.T. to 600 o C – 50minutes

Temperature Display

Digital display of set point & calibrated true cavity temperature.

Temperature Sensor

RTD platinum sensor. 

Operating Ambient Temperature

From 10 o C to +35 o C.

Weight (Emitter Head)

Approx. 1.5 Kg.

Power supply

230 or 115V, 50/60 Hz, 250 Watt [max.]

Dimensions (mm)

Emitter Head: length: 165; diameter: 90 Controller: 290 x 180 x 140