The leader in In-situ and In-line monitoring of semiconductor processes for more than 20 years

In-situ Wafer Temperature Monitoring

Non-contact Temperature Sensors

CI Semi's family of noncontact temperature monitors (the NTM line), offers high end pyrometry products for the measurement of wafer temperatures during process. CI Semi’s flag ship of the line, the NTM Delta, incorporates real-time, same point emissivity measurement and compensation making it the ideal solution for in situ monitoring for processes such as RTP, CVD and PVD. The NTM family is sold to leading tool manufacturers.

CI's NTM product line offers a variety of pyrometers, with and without emissivity measurement, from visible to short (NIR) and long IR wavelength. These pyrometers can be used for in situ true temperature measurement and/or reflectivity (single wavelength) during production.