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Optical Interfaces

For the Non-contact Temperature Monitors (NTM) Product Line

CI Semi offers top quality optical interfaces and accessories for its NTM product line to give a complete range of solutions for non-contact temperature monitoring. 
For both lightpipes and remote optics, CI Semi customizes the interface according to the customer’s specifications. 

Lightpipes of various lengths are available with diameters ranging from 1 to 4 mm, in both sapphire and quartz. In cases where a lightpipe cannot be inserted into the chamber, remote optics can be used to measure the temperature via the chamber viewport. 
The remote optics are designed according to the specific chamber geometry and dimensions. CI's experience of over 10 years ofinstalling NTM products in more than 1000 chambers ensures the best and most cost effective solutions for every application.

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Features & Benefits


  • Solution to every standard vacuum feedthrough such as Ultra-Torr®, VCO, VCR, etc.
  • Customized diameters from 1mm to 4mm.
  • Customized lengths according to tool specifications.
  • Available in sapphire or quartz, according to application needs.
  • Standard connectors to NTM fiber bundles including SMA 905 or similar connections.
  • Adapters available to join between Ultra-Torr® and SMA 905 connections.
  • Robust, repeatable, and easy installation.

Remote Optics:

  • Measurement from outside the process chamber when lightpipes are not an option
  • Compatibility to standard and custom viewports

Customized optics design according to the chamber geometry and dimensions