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Welcome to CI Semi

CI Semi, a division of CI Systems LTD, develops, manufactures and markets process monitoring and control systems for the semiconductor, solar PV, LED and FPD markets. Active in the semiconductor process equipment market since 1992, CI offers non contact wafer temperature monitors and wet process concentration monitors to OEMs and to end users. CI Semi's family of noncontact temperature monitors (the NTM line), incorporate real-time, same point emissivity measurement and compensation making them the ideal solution for in situ process monitoring. CI’s family of wet process analyzers (WetSpec line)  includes a range of monitors -  from conductivity and NDIR solutions for concentration measurement in simple chemistries, to spectroscopic systems for measuring multiple constituents and residues in complex solutions.

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CI-Semi Solutions and Applications


The NTM-W is an infrared radiometer, optimized for temperature measurement of opaque targets starting from below room temperature.



The NTM-LW3 is a long wavelength digital pyrometer optimized for temperature measurement of opaque targets starting from below room temperature.



The NTM-VLT is a platform designed for measuring test wafers temperature at temperature ranges (below 200C) where there is no non-contact means to measure wafer temperature.  The system detects the temperature-dependent wavelength shift in the optical absorption edge of the substrate. The position of the edge is measured by means of reflection or absorption spectroscopy. CI Semi’s experience in band edge thermometry goes back to the NTM1 system released in 1992.



CI-SEMI’s in-line, multi-channel wet process analysis system, WetSpec 200 enables non-contact real-time monitoring and closed-loop control of chemical composition in wet process applications


NTM Delta

The NTM Delta is the only high accuracy and repeatability pyrometer which incorporates both real-time same-point emissivity and temperature measurement.



CI -SEMI's in- line, wet process analysis system, the WetSpec201, enables non-contact real - time monitoring and closed- loop control of chemical composition in wet process applications.