The leader in In-situ and In-line monitoring of semiconductor processes for more than 20 years

SEMICON West 2020

21-23 July 2020

NTM Temperature Monitors

-          In-situ measurement of wafer temperature during processing.

-          Incorporates real-time, same point emissivity measurement and compensation.

-          Ideal solution for in situ monitoring for processes such as RTP, CVD and PVD.

-          NTM family products are sold to leading tool manufacturers.

-          Variety of pyrometers, with and without emissivity measurement, from visible to short (NIR) and long IR wavelength.

-          True temperature measurement and/or reflectivity (single wavelength) during production.

WetSpec Chemical Concentration Monitors

-          In-line, real-time monitoring and characterization of liquid chemical composition.

-          No need for chemical sampling or dilution.

-          Short measurement time and low operational costs.

-          Single analyzer can monitor several different chemistries concurrently.

-          Analysis of complex (multi-component) chemistries.

-          Real-time measurement enables closed loop control.

-          Up to 8 measurement points on single analyzer.

-          Up to 200 meters distance between analyzer and measuring cell.